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Code Of Conduct
As a player representing the Raven's Football teams and the Alberta School's Athletic Association (ASAA), you are now a member of our family and a valued person in the organization. When you sign up to play for your team, you are accepting values that we hold in high regards to ensure you represent our organization with a mature, responsible and professional attitude. We expect all members to act in a manner that we can be proud of and will enhance the association in a positive manner in the community. When you put on a Raven's football jersey, you are taking on the reputation of your team. The administration, teachers, support staff and coaches will hold all players accountable and responsible for their behavior and actions while on a Raven's football team. Please read the following and acknowledge the guidelines and status as a player within our football association.
• I agree to play football for the Raven's Football Association within the spirit of the game
• I agree to respect all coaches, players, officials, team members and fans
• I agree to play with honor and integrity
• I agree to represent the team with a positive attitude
• I agree to act in a responsible and accountable manner
• I will maintain a (set by Coach) attendance record, and a minimum academic average of (set by Coach)
• I will participate in any/all team functions to the best of my ability
• I will play hard for my teammates, coaches, team and fans
• I will respect all rights and properties of others
• I will avoid the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs (illegal/legal)
• I will NOT resort to physical violence to settle disputes with players or community members
• I agree to absolve the association and team of any harm caused by me
• I agree that all equipment assigned to me during the season will be returned clean and in orderly condition, and understand it is my responsibility since date of issue
• I agree that any equipment issued to me is my responsibility (and adhere's to ASAA rules)

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